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Midwest Agricultural Museum


What is the difference between the Midwest Ag Museum and “collector” museums?  Because there are so many things to collect, most museums have a specific area of specialization. For example, a history museum may only collect objects relevant to a particular county or even a single person, or focus on a type of object such as automobiles or stamps.

A museum allows us to look at and understand ourselves and our neighbors beyond what you read in the papers and see on TV, and provides us with a different lens through which we can study and understand society and the world around us.

We collect important agricultural advancements before they disappear into private collections, and become difficult to access in the future. And we are primarily concerned with the significance and merit of the innovation, not its market value.

Our 2015 Officers 

President: Chris McMillen, Toulon, IL

Vice President: Paul McKim, Edwards, IL

Secretary: Martha Reismeyer, Toulon, IL

Treasurer: Larry Meaker, Toulon, IL

Our 2015 Directors

Fred Sams, Toulon, IL

Wayne Nowlan, Peoria, IL

Dan Heinz, Edwards, IL