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About Us

The Midwest Agricultural Museum is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting awareness and preserving the impact of agricultural history on today’s society.

Currently, there is no museum in Illinois dedicated to the preservation and education of the transition from manpower to horsepower to machinery of Agricultural history. We can change that with your help.

Our goal is to provide a place where all people may enjoy and learn about the impact agriculture has had in their lives. This place will be a museum showcasing agricultural history in the Midwest.

The methods of agriculture have evolved from the ancient use of a scythe to harvest grain to the modern technological breakthrough of the iron plow to reduce friction. Everything originally done by hand was taken over by machine. Technological improvements have decreased production hours and increased yields for the American corn farmer.

The 1840s signaled an explosion of inventions and innovations to take agriculture into better times, many of which originated in the Midwest. Currently, there is no museum in Illinois dedicated to the preservation of Agricultural history.

The Museum will educate visitors on the transition of manpower to horsepower to machinery through sequential displays such as the one below.

Please click on the drawing below to view larger.

Planting Timeline

Here are many of the significant advancements in the development of the corn planter from inventors in the Midwest.