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The following is a list of some of the 140+ items from the museum collection. We are always interested in new equipment that have helped advance agriculture production, especially here in the Midwest. Contact us if you have experience or wish to volunteer in helping us preserve and restore the collection pieces.

Covered wagon

Hand carved pine standard horse

Heedners direct gear power treadmill

Ox Yoke

Horse drawn drill and plow


Wilson treadle sewing machine

1932 Home Comfort cook stove













  • 1931 replica of 1831 Cyrus McCormick reaper
  • 1880 Horse drawn surrey w/fold down top
  • Wicker baby buggy with umbrella
  • Deere and Mansur 2 row planter
  • Horse drawn sleigh
  • Swan neck sleigh
  • Barlow 2 row horse drawn planter
  • Hay tedder
  • Amish buggy, 2 sets of shafts
  • Parade hayrack
  • Copper kettle
  • 1885 McCormick Daisy reaper
  • Polar King Ice box
  • Montgomery Ward ringer washer w/tubs
  • Carriage crib
  • Steel beam walking plow
  • Seth Thomas 8 day brass clock
  • No 3H Acme Ball churn
  • Cutter sleigh double seat
  • Driving cart
  • Weather vane with rooster
  • Sandwich hay loader
  • Bean harvester